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French Riviera yacht charters

When is the charter season in the South of France?

Season: March, April, May, June + winter (summer busy).

The main charter season in the Riviera is the summer – April to September. Main months are July and August. Notice the interesting months of March and October, which offer a nice combination of “water warm enough to swim” and out of season prices.

What are the top reasons to charter in the French Riviera during the summer?

What was once used as a resort area for the wealthiest of the British colonies is now served as the most popular tourist location in France.

  • during the main season, the daylight ends after 8 pm
  • the temperatures range from 85°F – 100°F
  • world’s most familiar charter destination
  • amazing French food
  • known for its warm climate, stunning landscape
  • fascinating destinations including St Tropez, Monaco, and Cannes
  • picturesque Bandol and Cassis

What is yacht charter/boat rental in the French Riviera?

Yacht charter is a different name for boat rental. Most common yacht charters in France are 6 nights/7 days and start on Saturday. That’s why most if not all prices on this website are weekly.

A yacht charter in the French Riviera will include a deposit forfeiture insurance, sometimes also trip cancellation insurance.

French Riviera yacht charter locations

The French Riviera (Côte d’Azur) is historically both French and Italian. Until now, pasta is still a thing, while you still should try the Bouillabaisse.


Light and vivid colors of the sea have always been a source of inspiration for artists. Chagall and Matisse actually have their museums here. In previous eras, Nice was the southern haven for affluent patrons from all over Europe. Otherwise, Nice is known for flowers, which are reasonably priced in this, overall pricier city. The abundance of flowers allowed the rise of the perfume industry, namely the Molinard family.

Take a walk on the Promenade des Anglais.


Villefranche has a beautiful harbor with an interesting history. The area was often looted by pirates and the local population moved higher up the hill. In order to “stimulate” the people to live down the city, a “tax-free (franche) town (ville) of was created, protected by the citadel.

Some of the biggest yachts anchor here. Some of the most expensive properties in France are located between Villefranche and Monaco.

The town is down to earth and feels Italian.

Cap Ferrat

Cap Ferrat is an extremely exclusive, mostly residential community fills a park like peninsula with a hidden little beach and a wonderful port of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. Visit the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, a lavish Belle Époque villa of baroness Rothshild, that took 10 architects to complete. The garden includes English garden, gothic garden and Japanese garden.


A touristy but magnificent village of art and gastronomy, ideal for a scenic dinner with commanding riviera views.


One of the smallest countries in the world with no income tax or a formal border. The historically defining moment occurred when the prince decided to build a casino and secure a train line along the Riviera. Luxury high-rise condos, casinos, yachts and superb food are the main attractions, as well as the famous Grand Prix car races. Try the roulette at Casino Monte-Carlo or get a bank account in one of the local banks (prior arrangements might be required), but definitely don’t miss the changing of the guards.


Known mainly for the film festival, a sister city of Beverly Hills. Not much to tour in Cannes, but perfect for shopping, lounging and strolling. Skip the public beach and get a comfortable lounger on one of the private beaches.


A down to earth town, home to numerous charter yachts on this website. This medieval town with ramparts and towers was popular in the 20’s, with Rudolf Valentino and Charlie Chaplin partying hard. Picasso moved to Antibes with his  23 year old girlfriend to experience a surge in creativity.

Types of yachts available for a charter in French Riviera

There are two main categories to sort the yachts, crew and the number of hulls. Crew can include crewed yachts or captain only yachts.

Crewed yachts France

Crewed yachts have a skipper and at the minimum, a chef. For larger yachts, the crew size can go up to well over 10 people, depending on the yacht size.

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Captain Only boats France

Captain only yachts are more budget friendly, as they only have a skipper. Note that the skipper needs a cabin, so you are usually looking at the cabins you need + 1 cabin for the captain.

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Sailing yachts France

Sailing yachts are a great option for Frence, as the distances allow for smooth sailing. With steady breeze and virtually an unlimited number of destinations, sailing in Frajce is a great choice. Sailing yachts are usually monohulls with various lengths.

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Catamarans France

Catamarans are a family friendly boat with two hulls and a large size of deck. Most of the catamarans (all except power catamarans) do have sails, so you can still cruise into the sunset. The most fun part about catamarans is the fact that there is much more room, so dinners or afternoon cocktails are definitely different. At the same time, getting in and out of a catamaran is generally easier, which makes the catamarans a clear choice for larger groups and families.

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Power Catamarans France

Power catamarans are two hulled yachts without sails. Since the power cats usually have powerful engines, they are all about speed and convenience.

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